In this year

In this year, one of tumultuous challenge and pain, there is still an opportunity to reflect on what was gained.

In this year, I…

Celebrated moments big and small on rooftops and in garages
Ate goodies from Milk Bar and gained inspiration from Tosi’s whimsy
Baked birthday cakes of all flavors and sizes
Reminisced about the joy of making banana bread with my mother
Ran more miles than ever in a month
Traveled to the Upper Peninsula, built fires and ate s’mores by a river

Grew disappointed with family and embraced each member’s shortcomings
Watched episodes of Indian Matchmaker and Bollywood Wives
Observed the pride my wife feels seeing her culture in the public limelight
Admired my love’s imagination as she brought joy to others by making snow indoors and creating a seaside restaurant through lobster rolls
and the sounds of ocean swells

Awoke from the slumber of my privilege
Became reacquainted with Morrison’s verse
Discovered Baldwin’s fire
Made cold calls during an unforgettable election
And engaged in conversations on systemic injustice as it repeatedly unfolded before my eyes

In this year, when…
Things fell apart
Crisis revealed unexamined behaviors that inspired change
Causing me to realize that
Time is fluid, like that river in Michigan
And the meaning of our lives are derived from priorities clarified



Strategic thinker. Creative problem solver. Designer. Image maker. Writer.

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